Attention Building Owners:
Passive Income Opportunity

There is a limited opportunity for you to CASH IN right now.  5G is coming.  Towers are needed on select rooftops nationwide, every short distance of about 1/2 mile.

Cell phone providers are scouting locations now.  They are willing to pay rent for 15 year leases, UPFRONT!  This might be upwards of $500,000+/-.

Towers do not move often, if ever. Do NOT think you will have another opportunity.

Once your neighbor signs up and gets a tower, if you are too close, there will be no need to put a tower on your location.

There is No obligation and No fee to inquire!

Click below to drop your contact info.  Your location will be checked, your building height and for the possibility of a tower on the ground. They will contact you and hopefully present an offer. 

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